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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

3 Essential Local SEO Strategies Help To Prevent Pigeon Update

Global SEO updates like Panda and penguin modified fundamental ranking processes across the board, however one of Google’s latest changes, deemed the “Pigeon” update, has created an impact on a much more local level. The pigeon update, designed to provide users a better search experience once looking for local businesses, has put a stop to some recent local SEO techniques while paving the approach for a handful of new ones.

Google currently favors the information found on local directory sites, like Yelp, with additional weight, and uses more offsite information to come up with immediate local search results. If you are running a local business and you would like to stay ahead of your competitors, begin implementing these 3 new local SEO strategies:

1. Ensure information Accuracy and Consistency Across the web.
Now, quite ever, Google is cracking down on local businesses whose info is inconsistent or difficult to verify, as compare to local businesses with clear, concise, and easily-available info. Your initial and most significant tactic should be to see the web for mentions of your business and claim new profiles on local directories. Mentions of your NAP (business Name, Address, and Phone Number) are getting major local ranking signals, so the additional instances of that info there are across the web, and also the more consistent that information is, the better.

2. Drive Your Customers to Google+ and Yelp (and similar local Directories).
The pigeon update did quite simply boost rankings for sites with consistent info across the web. Probably in response to an accusation that Yelp pages and reviews weren't treated favorably in Google’s algorithm, Google updated their ranking structure to boost Yelp page ranking positions. For some little businesses, Yelp review pages really started ranking higher than the company’s web site.
This new ranking system has been seen as interference by some business owners, entertaining traffic away from their companies’ webpage. There’s one key strategy that may at the same time improve your company page’s ranking, improve your Yelp page’s rank, and provides more honest information to your potential customers that would influence them to pursue your business.

3. Include a lot of High-Quality images and Videos.
The Internet is evolving into a format that favors additional visual experiences than written text. As a result, Google is favoring local businesses with additional top quality pictures and videos available for customers to view. For example, let’s take a glance at the “local carousel”—the strip of local business entries that pops up in real time under the search bar. These are populated with brief descriptions, reviews, and pictures of local businesses relevant to the search query, and are formatted during a approach that attracts the attention of the person searching for them.

Next, upload videos to YouTube that feature your business. YouTube is owned by Google, and it thus receives some additional weight in search rankings. People will have the power to check your official videos immediately from the search results page, and you'll embrace your exact location to increase your local relevancy. The secondary benefit of as well as such a large amount of pictures and videos is that your online visitors will have a window into your business, and they’ll feel easier choosing your business when having that virtual online experience..

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