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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Matt Cutts Talks Google, SEO & Spam of Small Business

When it comes to ranking in Google search, several webmasters in extremely competitive markets surprise if it's possible to compete against larger, established sites, especially while not using black hat techniques. This is the subject Google's Matt Cutts addressed within the latest webmaster help video.
Matt, will the great guys still stand a chance? We're a little company that an associate SEO firm that we thought was legit however destroyed our rankings w/ spam backlinks. We've tried everything however nothing helps. What can an organization with smart intentions do?
Daniel, Miami, FL
Cutts seemed a little amused by Daniel concerning himself as a "good guy" when admitting to spamming, despite "good intentions."

"Essentially, you are saying do the great guys have an opportunity, we spammed, and we got caught, and then we're not ranking. And if you take a step back, if you were to seem at it from somebody else's perspective, you might think about yourself the great guys however you spammed so the other people might consider you a foul guy," Cutts said. "And therefore the fact you got caught meant hey, other smart guys who did not spam rank higher. From their perspective things would be going well."

Cutts has an honest point. You cannot think about yourself one of the great guys, and disagree with the actual fact you are not ranking, once you admit to spamming the search results. And he has issue with webmasters trying to tie the two along with because they are two fully separate problems.

"I think the great guys do stand a chance, and we strive hard to make positive that the great guys stand an opportunity," Cutts said. "Given this info, trying to create sure they will get info from webmaster tools, resources, all types of free info and things that they will do and much of the recommendation.

"But the great guys stand a chance if they do not spam," Cutts said. "So my advice is you may go through bears difficult process of reconsideration request, disavowing links, or no matter it's you need to do, obtaining links off the web, to wash things up."

He also said Google is doing a really smart job separating people who spam from people who do not spam involves ranking, and suggested everyone to avoid "hijinks" and tricks" you will find on black hat forums.

"Our advice has been the same: great user experience, ensure individuals’ link to you because you've a fantastic website, come up with one thing compelling," Cutts said. "And the number of people who will push that envelope and get away with it's getting smaller and smaller over time. Therefore I completely believe smart guys do stand an opportunity, and small sites and small businesses will stand an opportunity."

And once again, he stressed the importance of prime quality natural links, that link to your nice quality content.

"Yes, it will take longer to create those links that are harder to get, but they are additional possible to face the test of your time, therefore I would place slightly little bit of effort into wondering how you get those hard links, not just how you get the quick links, the simple links, the spam links," Cutts said.

He completes the video by discussing some things that people ought to think about when hiring an SEO company. so many sites get penalties due to things an SEO company did to the site to check fast results, like blog spam or spammy backlinks. And sadly, it does not matter who is answerable for the spam, a website are often affected whether or not it was an SEO company that did it or somebody in-house to was liable for the poor SEO decisions.

"Before you sign up with an SEO, evoke references, do some analysis, ask them to clarify exactly what they're going to do," he said. "If they tell you they know me and they have a secret in with the online spam team, you must scream and run away instantly. If they'll tell you what they are doing in clear terms that make sense, and it does not make you feel somewhat uneasy, then that's a much better sign."

Unfortunately, till this happens, dangerous SEO practitioners can still get websites kicked out of the search results because website owners do not do due diligence, or they just don't know any better concerning the kind of techniques an SEO goes to be utilizing to help their website rank.

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