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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Matt Cutt avoid Article Directories or article syndication for Links

In the promoting world, article syndication refers to the method by which articles, columns, stories, photographs and different featured content is simultaneously distributed for publication on various websites. Though this may sound like a cumbersome task, it's really an easy method. Since Google Panda some marketers have given up on the use of article syndication as a district of their selling strategy, however several still believe that this observe will still convince be quite effective if done properly.

Matt Catt said, Submitting articles are a good SEO tactic if it's done properly. A successful article submission campaign will lead to you obtaining you lots of quality links and high rankings on Google. This tutorial can offer detailed information on a way to get the most out of article directories for SEO and that article sites you must use.

If you've got worked within the SEO industry for more than some of years, you almost certainly keep in mind the days once article directories were the entire trend. You’ll write a quickie article, submit it to virtually many article directories, link it to your website, in hopes others can publish it on their own sites to feature content.
However, with duplicate content filters and link penalties, article directories positively fell out of favor for several webmasters. That said, there are several article directories that are still actively soliciting articles and publishers who still republish that content.

What is Google's official stance on article directories like Ezine in 2014 – good or bad? This is the subject of Matt Cutts' latest webmaster facilitate video that begins with a lesson on the increase of article directories:
Over time article directories have gotten a trifle bit of a worse name. so just refresh everybody's memory, a piece directory is largely where you write 3-, 4-, 500 words of content so you will include alittle bio or some information concerning you at the lowest of the article, and you may have 3 links with keyword wealthy anchor text at rock bottom of that article. So you'd submit that to a bunch of what are referred to as article directories, so anyone will download them or maybe pay to download them, and they will use them on their own web site.

While the video specifically mentions, there are many similar article directories that each one accepts articles from website owners and publishers. Whereas the sites typically create money from advertising of the articles or perhaps from spyware and malware, writers hope that others can syndicate it and they can get links out of it, or at least to a small degree of traffic.

Cutts also hinted that their search algorithmic rule is filtering, or even perhaps penalizing, mass article directory spam.

"We actually have some algorithmic things that would mean is probably slightly less possible to be successful now compared to a couple of years ago, as an example," Cutts also said. "So my personal recommendation would be in all probability to not upload article like that." Right now, the most useful things a webmaster can make use of an article directory site for are to get topic ideas and then rewrite in their own words for their own sites, because there is no ranking benefit from submitting to them.

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