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Monday, February 24, 2014

WebMeUp - Completely Free New Backlink Analysis Tool

As essential pretty much as good inbound links are to a winning SEO strategy, there are amazingly few tools offered for analyzing a site’s backlink profile. Even a lot of uncommon are inbound link analysis tools that provide the complete extent of their features completely for free of charge. So when WebMeUp contacted me regarding their new, free tool I immediately saw the value in sharing it with SEO WONDER MARKETS readers.

WebMeUp’s new backlink analysis tool, available here, will stay 100% free while in beta. Stable versions are released soon, at that purpose they'll charge for it, however at this point they’re solely “considering” that possibility. It may alright stay free for the predictable future. I also should entail that there’s a distinction between WebMeUp’s all-in one SEO software and their new backlink tool. Whereas the previous is paid and works as a full-cycle SEO application, the latter targets link analysis specifically.

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