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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What can you do to Protect your site from Future Penguin Penalties?

Your SEO processes have to modification. Even as we do keyword analysis, on-page seo, and link building as a part of a cohesive online promoting strategy, link audits currently also have to be a part of the method.

I exploit LinkResearchTools to assist me with all link analysis and backlink profile audits. With LRT I will consider all of the ratios of websites, and determine wherever there are danger zones.

Link audits should embrace an analysis of all of your current backlinks and an analysis of all of these backlinks. Explore for the following elements:

  1. Is that the page indexed in Google
  2. Will the page have any external links?
  3. Will the page have more than 10 backlinks from 1 C CLASS?
  4. Will the page rank in Google for its actual match title
  5. Will the page have any rankings in SEMrush
  6. Is that the theme listed as suspicious
  7. Do different domains share the same registration info?
  8. Is that the link speed trend above 150th?
  9. Will the page have sitewide footer links?
  10. Will the page have PageRank?
  11. Will it have link directory links?
  12. Will it have article directory links?
  13. Will it have huge range of outgoing links?
  14. What is the Page Authority of the page, and the Domain authority of the basis domain

By checking your backlinks against these metrics, you'll be able to then confirm what links are harmful and which of them are healthy.

You also need to take a glance at the site and build an assessment based on value. Is it obvious that the site is associate invalid domain that was purchased for the only real purpose of linking? Is there any social engagement? Will the site have a free, basic model, or is it obvious that the site is owned by somebody however is dedicated to producing content and maintaining it? These parts will help you build a decision. If the site is low quality and appears like it may need potential to suffer from a future penalty, mark it as suspicious or harmful.

Request the harmful links to be removed

Create a reaching campaign to try to have a number of the links removed. Document your efforts, together with once you sent out emails, to what email address, and what, if any, response you received.

I recommend sending out a minimum of three emails over the course of a month to offer you many time and documentation.

Upload a Link disavow File

Disavow the harmful links in your Google Webmaster Tools account. Use Disavow Link Tool, and wait 2-4 weeks to visualize however your website reacts.

Submit a reconsideration request

Although penguin penalties are algorithmic, not manual, I recommend submitting a reconsideration request documenting your efforts to wash up your backlink profile.

Google is publically stating that they're attempting to be a lot of transparent and communicative to webmasters, thus it's attainable that you simply can hear back with additional news about this website from the reconsideration request.

Build Positive Signals to Balance your Backlink Profile

As you close up your backlinks, it's possible that you simply have eliminated several of the signals that were serving to you rank within the first place.

To have hopes of seeing your website rank again within the serps, you have to create positive, prime quality signals.

Social Media Signals

As we all understand, Google is pushing their Google plus platform, because it offers them a massive social analytics platform. Building a powerful, viable social media promoting campaign, particularly centered on Google plus, can facilitate produce positive social and engagement signals.

High Quality Links

Links still be a basic aspect of the ranking algorithm, thus you have to still build high quality links.

So what varieties of links are still safe?

  1. Guest blog links
  2. Info graphic Links
  3. Links from Competitors
  4. Giveaway Links
  5. Broken Links

Be aware of your ratios!

I believe that the key to link building, at now is balance and moderation. Too much of an honest issue will become a really dangerous issue. If you leave and focus only on guest blog links you would possibly find yourself within the penalty box even as very much like the guy who went out and purchased 2000 links from a network.

Focus on selection and MODERATION! Produce a 6 month link building plan, wherever monthly you concentrate on building different types of links. This variation has protected our client's sites from penguin penalties.

Most importantly, we are terribly cautious of our cash vs brand ratios, additionally as the anchor text distribution. It should appear a figure, however we push at creating the profile appear less contrived.

Content marketing

Keep making, and socially sharing, wonderful content. Because the web becomes inundated with short, flossy articles, confirm your articles really shine. I try and confirm all articles are a minimum of 750 words, with pinnable pictures, and giving genuine value. These articles become link bait that generates opportunities for natural links.

Our goal for consumer websites is to publish at least one top quality article per week on their site that may be a great complement for our link building efforts. At the same time, it will increase the content update ratio and offers the site a lot of long tail keywords to target.

What if I'm already penalized? Should I still follow these steps? Or should I begin over with a brand new domain?

I still suggest constant method mentioned above:

  1. Value links
  2. Link Removal
  3. Normalize Backlink Ratios
  4. Link disavow
  5. Reconsideration
  6. Build Positive Signals

Following these steps has helped to recover sites hit by penguin 1.0. It's too early within the game with penguin 2.0 as we usually spend one month within the link removal method. The problem with making an attempt to recover a penalized website is that you simply aren't warranted an outcome. We follow constant steps for all our clients, however some recover, some don't, and there's no way to predict that way a website can go.

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