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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Improve Keywords Ranking in Search Results

When we launch a website in online business, first of all we face a problem is that, “How to Improve Keywords ranking in Google search result”? I shared some Off page SEO Tips that are useful to improve keywords position in search results. As you may already distinguish that we must focus on On Page and Off Page SEO Techniques both to make our website SEO friendly and search engines delightful. That’s why today I fetch some tips that will help you to rank well in search results.

1 Optimize Post Titles

During writing new post, always tries to use SEO friendly post titles because this is the first thing that resolves you’re ranking in search results. Include your leading and targeted keyword in your post title.

2 Add Keywords to Content

Provide best quality content in your site and blog and add some keywords into it at projecting places that fits there.Keyword density should be kept in mind to make content for SEO friendly.
For example if you have 500 words in your article, then you can use your keyword 10 to 15 times. Use at most 2% or 3% keywords in your content.

3 Add Keywords to Images

Images not only use to make blog posts more pretty. They can also be used as an extra place to position keywords into it. You can put your keywords in image using alt tag.

4 Add Keyword Rich Labels

Labels are used to catalog blog posts. They used by related posts widget also to display related posts under every post. But if you used them properly then you can take its benefit to improve your keywords ranking in Google.

5 Use Guest Posting

Guest posting is the best way to increase high quality keyword dofollow quality backlinks. Quality backlinks are very important for every blog or website to improve search rankings. Use guest posting to raise number of keyword backlinks of your blog. Write good quality content and submit it to other blogs under your position. It will also help to increase your website and blog page views and readers.

6 Blog Commenting

You should participate in the discussion on other blog’s by leaving a valuable comment. It will not only familiarize you and your website or blog into the blog-o-sphere but also you will develop quality backlinks for your blog. You must target KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled blogs to gain dofollow backlinks.

7 Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking is the part of Off-Page SEO Techniques. It helps a lot to increase keywords ranking in Google. I have published a post New High PR Bookmarking Site List 2018 (100% Working). It will also helpful to increase your website and blog keywords ranking.

8 Directory Submissions

As same as social bookmarking, directory submissions with care can also helpful website owners to make their website or blog popular in search results. You choose proper database of directory whose never sing up. I share some Instant approval Directory list for submission your site. This is very helpful to increase your keywords ranking.

There are top 8 tips to increase your keywords ranking in search result. Use these tip and check the result. If you know other tips and tricks to improve ranking in Google then please share with me


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  3. Above stapes are basic and most important work for the promotion of any website. All SEO Company and individual do the same process to get high rank in SERP.


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