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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Alexa Site Traffic Upstream and Downstream

Know the Importance of Clickstream

As everyone is ware about the Alexa and the importance of Alexa Rank for any website, one should also be aware about the Clickstreams. Apart from knowing the simple definition of Clickstream, it is also important to know its importance and benefits in improving the Alexa Ranking and increasing the site traffic. The Alexa is a wonderful site for people to design their strategies after analyzing all the aspects involved. This also helps in analyzing the biggest competitor in the market and making out strategies that will help your site to compete in a healthy manner. The clickstream comprises of two types of stream namely “Upstream” and “Downstream”.

Upstream is the section that shows the sites that are visited by the visitors just before visiting your website. The percentage shown in section if is higher, it reflects excellent traffic being driven to the website and henceforth, high on Alexa Rank. The top ten sites are shown that are switched to visit your respective site.

If we talk about the Downstream, this is the section, the sites that are visited after leaving your website are mentioned here. The time till the percentage shown there is low is favorable, but as the percentage rises, it’s time for you make some strategies to lower the percentage. Herein also the top ten sites visited by the visitors immediately leaving your website are mentioned. Moreover, you can get to know your competitor in the market.

Below provided is the Clickstream data provided of “”. The upstream and the downstream data in percentage are clearly provided. Through the downstream data, they can analyze the trend of the market. The competitor website could also be checked and hence they appropriate strategies could be made to face the competition in healthy manner. Moreover, a regular check of this data is also beneficial as these help the website to match up to the market competition.


  1. my qustion is were are thy a pulling this from and is it ever updated? My site stopped using a certin traffic source 4 months ago and yet still showing as a good % on both upstream downstream.

  2. very nice question. This is a method to know that how many visitors come from other site like, .in, etc to your site, that is the upstream method. and how many visitors go from your site to others site. if ur site traffic is 10 then these methods divided into percentage. Can you give me your site? For more info click on it :-

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  4. Why can't see the button click stream ?

  5. It’s interesting to find how challenging the content side is for some


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