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Monday, April 30, 2012

Want to Improve Alexa Rank? Use – The social networking platform that has become an excellent tool for ascertaining online visibility, driving traffic, and improve the website ranking on Alexa. It is a free site. You can simple register yourself for free and you are all set to accomplish your goal of improving the Alexa rank of the respective website. All you need is to log in to your account in the Stumbleupon, or sign up for creating a new account. Provide all the relevant information and ensure the information provided is complete. This is important to create the sense of credibility amongst the followers regarding your post and shares.

When you sign in to your account in the Stumbleupon, in the profile section, you will be able to all the stories posted by you and the number of traffic driven to the website link through that posy. Ultimately, this will help you website to ascertain higher Alexa Rank.

There you could also see the number of followers following your post in the heading “Connections”. The huge number of connections will lead to high traffic and ultimately, this will put a positive impact on the alexa rank of your website. Thus, inviting more and mor4e connections is very important to stay active, alive and visible on the internet.

So, here are the simple steps that you could follow to post the story and drive traffic to your website.
·         Log in to your Stumbleupon account. If not registered, sign up and create a new account.
·         Go to the profile tab
·         Click on the link “Add a new page”, available in the down left hand side of the page.
·         “Add a new page” page will be in front of you.
·         Fill the respective fields like “Web page address” (e.g., “Is this page safe for work?”, “What's this page about?”, “Add Tags (e.g. B2B)”, “Write a comment (optional)”, and “What's the page's language?”.
·         Click on “Add This Page” button.
·         Don’t forget to like your page as this will send a news feed to you connections about the page you added.

Following of the above mentioned steps will not only help in posting a story successfully, but will also drive traffic to the respective website. Thus, this ultimately will lead to the accomplishing of the goal of increasing Alexa Rank of the website.


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