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Friday, March 30, 2012

Reasons Why Alexa Rank is Important

Though, for some the Alexa Rank is a fun thing, but the importance simple cannot be ignored. There are various articles and other content submissions that are misleading with the information. This is not to oppose the idea but to suggest not to completely believe what you read. Its time you make your own opinion about Alexa. Below mentioned are some of the facts that would certainly be of great help.

  • ·         The Alexa ranking graph is shown only after your website gets into the top 100k sites.
  • ·         The feeling of witnessing the ranking provides a satisfaction and happiness.
  • ·         It becomes quite a big achievement for the website to get enlisted amidst the top 100k sites.
  • ·         Earlier Alexa used sells site lists like top 25k, or top 100k, etc. but, now the lists are available for free download. Various business firms go through the lists and accordingly generate business opportunities and buy advertisings proposals.
  • ·         If your websites ranks less than 100k, then there is possibility of more of people to buy more of advertisements on your website.
  • ·         More subscribers and comments are witnessed on the blogs that are with high Alexa ranks. Moreover, most of the people consider sites with less alexa rank to be highly trafficked.
  • ·         A forum with high Alexa rank an also gets more of members. In addition to this, the members also post more as they expect a referral traffic to be driven to their sig links. Some of the advertising networks give more importance to the alexa ranking as their some offers are only reserved for the websites that rank high on alexa.
  • ·         As there is witnessed lack in some important matrices for the calculation of the total traffic on the website on external means, Alexa rank is widely used.

As the algorithm of Alexa changes in the recent time, this led to change in the rank of various websites. The below mentioned are some of the good changes that were witnessed:
  • ·         Install Alexa toolbar is the only way that has been disclosed by Alexa for the calculation of the stats.
  • ·         Sites saying that it is easy to manipulate the alexa rank have their website rank now in millions.
  • ·         The techniques like Auto Script, etc., for the manipulation of Alexa ranks dose not works.

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