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Saturday, March 24, 2012

On Page SEO Basics

On page SEO or search engine optimisation is ensuring that your web site is as search engine friendly as doable. If your web site isn't optimised then you've got less probability of obtaining sensible leads to the search engines, here could be a fast guide towards sensible on page SEO:

  1)  Confirm that each one of your web content are often indexed by search engines - confirm that all of them have a minimum of one link from somewhere on your website.  

  2)  Confirm that you simply have distinctive content on each single page.

  3)  Confirm that your meta-tags are organized properly - your page title tags and outline tags ought to describe the content of your completely different web content. The page title tags ought to be less then sixty eight characters and therefore the description tags a lot of detailed however less then 148 characters.

  4)  Confirm you label the various headers on your web content using H tags.    

  5)  Confirm that your website URLs are SEO friendly and use mod re-write for Linux and Apahche hosting or use IIS redirect for Windows.    

  6)  Confirm that the links inside your website are complete i.e. if you're linking to the blue widgets page link to as apposed to simply blue-widgets.php.    

  7)  Confirm that you simply use descriptive URLs for your pictures . for example use blue-widget.jpg as apposed a bunch of numbers and or letters .jpg.   

  8)  Confirm that you simply label all of your pictures with descriptive alt attributes.    

  9)  Confirm that you simply create sensible use of anchor text links inside your content - if you've got a page concerning blue widgets, use the phrase blue widgets within the text that links to it.    

  10) Confirm that there's only 1 version of your website - 301 redirect all non www. URLs to www.ones or vice versa.    

  11) Confirm that there's only 1 version of your homepage - 301 redirect the index or default page back to    

  12) Use the rel="nofollow" tag within the links to websites that you simply don't trust, you're thinking that perhaps using spamming techniques otherwise you don't need to assist within the search engines.    

  13) Confirm that your code is valid, in some instances dangerous code will cause search engines not having the ability to properly scan a page. Use the W3C validator to ascertain your markup.

    If you follow these tips you're on your manner towards sensible on page SEO and to sensible rankings within the search engines.


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